Episode of the week

One of many classic episodes from Last of the Summer Wine.

The episode ‘Desperate for a Duffield’ is about Compo attempting to find one of his old girlfriends, Audrey Duffield but after hearing she moved to Canada, he decides to stay with Nora Batty. Full of laughter and comedy, the ending of the episode is something special and rare.

My favourite episode from On The Buses.

‘Foggy Night’ is my all-time favourite episode as It’s one of the rare occasions where all of the main characters are together for a whole episode. This creates numerous scenes of laughter including throwing peanuts into the inspector’s mouth, Olive being chased by a bull and having to sleep on the bus.

Classic Episode from Til Death Us Do Part.

‘TV Licence’ was one of the most popular episodes from the Sitcom. Alf is determined to hold a two-minute silence on Remembrance Day to honour the dead, but he doesn’t get it. He is interrupted by an TV inspector who asks to see his licence which Alf has not got. Mike lies and says the TV set is his own which creates brilliant comedy and produced a rare occasion where Alf was speechless. 


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